Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Prague Fashion Shoot

While in Europe studying fashion we were able to go to Prague for a little less then a week. Such a beautiful city! It's stone streets and cathedrals and artwork are incredibly romantic and you can feel that there's history there, not quite like anything I've been to back home.

It is also rich with wonderful locations for shooting. Even the streets and walls have character. Part of that trip was spent location scouting, for which I was a part of a small group. We worked with a model named Dominika, who had gone through the process of hair, makeup and wardrobe when we met her. A hair stylist had her hair teased out, her makeup was done beautifully and a stylist arranged her clothing. After our shoot I saw her without all of that, and she didn't look any older then 14. Its amazing how much it transforms someone.

Our shoot started in the beautiful gardens in the city. I photographed Dominika posed in the sculpted greenery. We each used different aspects of the gardens, the plants, benches, walls, and small rooms decorated by murals. We had to work through a language barrier with Dominika but overall it was a great experience and I learned a lot.

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