Saturday, January 19, 2008

Psycho Win

RIT hosts a shootout, a one day competition in the studios where students get a couple hour time slot to set up, shoot an image and break down to portray a theme they announced in advance. The photo had to be submitted, unedited, right after the shoot. This years theme was 'Psychotic' and I partnered up with Mike Fiske to portray the theme. We had done the shootout last year, the theme then was 'Dream', so we had an idea of the pace of the day.

We enlisted the help of Melissa Stillman, makeup artist, and Vanessa Murphy, our model, to put together the image we had in mind. It was a crazy couple of hours, hair and makeup was in the process of being done in the schools hallway as we ran in and out of the studio setting up the seamless, lights and camera. A frozen pigs head was bought the night before and was still not completely thawed but sat bagged outside of the studio until right before shooting, styling it was incredibly interesting. It was just a hectic, fun experience. Then, to top the experience off, we received a call later that day..

We won the MAC Group Shootout!

We were completely ecstatic, and our photo was posted in the School of Imaging Arts and Sciences. The image can be seen in the Editorial section of my website!

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