Friday, September 28, 2012

Sneak Peak: Renee and Shaun

Renee and Shaun had an amazing day to celebrate their marriage at Look Park this past Saturday. I already kind of feel like I've know these two for years. We had a great engagement session at Stanley Park in Westfield a few months ago where I really got to know them and their pup, Quincy (who I got to see again while Renee was getting ready but was sadly not with us at the park). So on their wedding day we already had our own rapport and shorthand for posing that added to the flow of the whole photo process.

Renee was so stunning on in her gown and Shaun was looking equally handsome. You should've seen him at the altar. As Renee was walking toward him from quite a distance he wouldn't look, adding to his own anticipation and saving the moment of seeing her until she was almost close enough for him to touch. It was such a pleasure being there with them and even getting to know their family and friends throughout the evening. I can't wait to go through the rest of the photos from their day, but for now, here's your peak!

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