Friday, April 13, 2007

BB: Before Blog

Here are some bits and pieces of my life before entering the blogging world..

April 13, 2007- Redesigned my website to incorporate Flash programming I've learned.

April 7 & April 8, 2007- Continued photographing the Wells upcoming seniors. I also shot for my 'People Illustration' class illustrating the poem "The Red Dress" by Dorothy Parker.

March 30 & March 31, 2007- Went to Wells College, which is the first college I attended, to do work for the Cardinal, the Wells College yearbook, and did on location portaiture photographs the upcoming seniors.

January 22, 2007- Submitted the 'Henckels Knives' photography project to the local ADDY Awards.

January 20, 2007- Participated in the Shootout contest at R.I.T. sponsored by the MAC Group. I worked with a partner, Mike Fiske, and we used a Leaf Aptus Camera, Sekonic Meter and Profoto Lights to create an image with the theme ‘Dream’ in a two hour time period. Our image is displayed within a case in the Photographic Arts building at RIT.

January 19, 2007- Spoke with panelists of the ‘Switch’ Lecture and had my portfolio reviewed by each guest speaker individually.

January 18, 2007- Attended the ‘Switch’ Lecture Panel at R.I.T. about the variety of career paths available, other than being a photographer, once we leave school.

December 22, 2006- Presented Henckels Knives Project with my group, Mike Fiske and Jillian Seaton and myself, in a critique open to the public.

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