Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Apple IPad

Originally I didn't think much of the concept of the IPad, the newest piece of technology out by Apple. I haven't used one yet but this short post from 1ProPhoto has me looking at it in a new light. I really want to get my hands on one now!
iN the future the iPad will replace the traditional print portfolio.
by JamesNYC 27. January 2010 08:10
iN the future photographers, and other graphic and media artists will be will delivering iPads to art directors, photo editors and clients rather than traditional portfolios for the following reasons.

It will cost less than a traditional print portfolio.

it will weight less than a traditional print portfolio.

it will be in a universal format that will make it easy for viewers to navigate. (unless the photographer gets crazy and creates some goofy Nav system. Not that that could ever happen...)

No more spending money on new prints for the book.

No more spending money to replace acetate pages.

Faster turn around time for adding new images to portfolio.

iPad will allow you to display both images and video in 1 easy to use presentation.

A lost or stolen iPad will cost less to replace than a new portfolio.

Everyone picking it up will know how to use it.

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