Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photography and Social Change

Last night my friend, Maelynn Kruckow, and I attended a seminar at the SoHo Apple Theater on Prince street, where a variety of workshops are scheduled. APA was hosting Stephen Shames, as a part of their lecture series, to discuss 'Photography and Social Change'. Stephen Shames is a well renowned photographer for his continuous work photographing social issues, usually focusing on children and families, and bringing problems to light. A lot of the lecture focused on his current project, L.E.A.D. Uganda, which is based on educating AIDS orphans and former children soldiers.

It was interesting to hear about where he started and how his work has progressed. Photography and video are mediums that are continuously involved in how society views issues, like the Vietnam war or the earthquake in Haiti now, and their importance to exposing truths people may be unaware of. I'm incredibly interested in using photography in a way to benefit society and it's inspiring to hear about other people who have.

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