Thursday, April 14, 2011

hunting for a great salon

A great haircut makes us all feel amazing and a style that looks like it was done using gardening sheers has the exact opposite effect. A few months ago I had to deal with the latter. I was on the hunt for a new stylist after having a bad customer service experience with my old salon and, frustrated at the prospect of finding a new salon, I stopped in at a walk-in hair cuttery thinking that they could be just as good as any salon would be. I was so wrong.

After that hair butchering, I've been dreading my next cut and deciding who would be doing the cutting. I subscribe to Groupon, a website that runs discounts and deals from local businesses, which recently ran a promotion for a new salon named brush I hadn't heard about. It was a great deal and I needed a new salon so how could I resist? Today I went in for my cut.

As soon as I walked in the door I knew it would be a good experience. Brush. in East Longmeadow clearly has incredible style. The decor is modern and fun with unique details on each shelf and flat screen tvs on the vibrant walls running the Style Channel. Everyone I encountered was friendly and smiling. They all also have great personal style, I wish I had a picture of the great heels I saw today! (Though I doubt I could walk in them) I had my hair done by Diana Hunter, a Senior Stylist and I love the results. I'll probably be back soon for some summer highlights.

I definitely recommend Brush., check them out!

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